Considering outsourcing to Russia? Looking to hire Russian developers? Here’s a list of common customer questions about how Russian IT outsourcing works:

What’s the first step in ordering software development from you?

There are several options to choose from:

  • You can use the contact form which is located at the bottom of every page. We’ll respond asap!
  • You can email our sales managers directly. Simply send a message to and a manager will happily guide you through the process.
  • If you desire an iPhone or iPad app, you can use our first-of-its-kind online store to quickly and securely order software development.

Also, you can click the orange box in the top-right corner and discuss your needs with our genie, Artem (when he’s online and not sleeping in his bottle, of course).

What level of expertise do your developers possess?

Our expert developers are graduates from the most prestigious Siberian universities. Most of them hold Master’s degrees. HireRussians only employs intelligent people with curious minds who are always ready to learn and employ new techniques during the development process.

The unique location of our company, whose head development office is situated in Russia’s scientific center, provides our developers with unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for knowledge accrual and self-improvement.

Project management is a vital part of any development process. How can I be sure that the person who works on my project will be properly organized?

HireRussians puts you in total control of the process, including setting the length of the development and testing timeline — which of course can be adjusted along the way according to your specific needs. We realize that your business is unique and so we strive to offer as much flexibility as possible. Also, it goes with saying that your Project Manager will adapt to your schedule and ensure that the timeline is organized and maintained from beginning to end.

What’s your project management fee?

Project management is free of charge. Seriously. When you begin a project with HireRussians, you receive a personal Project Manager. The Project Manager acts as a communications liaison between you and the development team, and ensures that all of your project requirements are addressed. The Project Manager is your go-to person, handling day-to-day issues and tracking even the smallest details.

What payment methods do you accept?

For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  • Regular wire transfer
  •, Inc., an authorized retailer of HireRussians
  • Money transfer via
  • Money transfer via
  • PayPal
  • Submit your project through

Aside from my Project Manager, is there anyone else I can talk with about my project, the weekend’s weather forecast, or the brutal morning traffic?

HireRussians’ Customer Care department brings a professional, human touch to all of your communications with us. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Managers do an exceptional job of supporting you and your Project Manager. And yes, they’re willing to talk about anything.

You’re based in Russia — Novosibirsk, to be specific. Which means it’s UTC+6 in the winter and UTC+7 in the summer. First, how will we connect online? And second, what is the timeframe for implementation of open tasks?

Our Project Managers maintain an individual schedule for each project. Our motto is: “Last night’s tasks are completed before you wake up!”

How soon do I receive a developer?

Once the contract is approved by both sides, development starts immediately.

What makes Russians such good IT service providers?

Russian programmers receive a very high level of computer science education from a young age. As such, our team is quite talented and possesses all the skills needed for any IT-related project, even the most odd and irregular. Though Russian culture is similar to that of Europe and America, it does possess its own unique attributes, which of course extends into the creative realm. Thus, every project we work on incorporates thoughts and ideas that you might not be privy to when working with an American or European firm.

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I only need a developer for a few hours. How much will that cost?

Minimum development time is 40 hours, which equals the standard work week for one developer. Therefore, the minimum cost will vary between $1,200 – $3,000 USD, depending on the required technology and the developer’s expertise.

Will you stick me with a freelancer?

Absolutely not. HireRussians is focused on the rapid provision of professional developers who are experts in one or more IT field. All of our developers are employees of Sibers and have been put through a very strict selection process.

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