Hire an Experienced Developer

At HireRussians, all of our developers, regardless of whether they specialize in web, desktop or mobile applications, have at least three years’ professional experience and a bachelor’s degree. Our platform proficiency includes:

Hire PHP web developer
Hire Zend certified engineer
HTML5.0 markup designers for hire
Hire PostgreSQL developer
MySQL server developers
Symfony Russian coder
AJAX website development
Zend Framework experts
Hire Microsoft .Net coders
SQL Server developers
ASP.Net website developers
Wordpress CMS customization
Offshore Drupal CMS developers
Custom Magento development
SugarCRM dedicated developers
Hire Joomla CMS programmers
PayPal order form integration
Ecommerce web store developers
jQuery scripting professionals for hire
OpenGL developers
Hire Qt development resources
Windows development services
Apple professional development
Hire dedicated Linux developer
Ubuntu platform customization
Unix based platforms developers
Amazon Web Services customization
Russian Java developers
BlackBerry smartphone developers
Google Android OS developer
Hire iPhone app developers
Wi-Fi programmers
GPRS technology experts for hire
WLAN installation experts
Apache Tomcat server configuration
Jboss server
Red hat server installation
VoIP customization
Asterisk customization development
Dynamic Google maps integration
MapQuest custom integration
Our Company received an AdWords Qualified Individual status

A developer, and then some

When you partner with HireRussians, not only are you paired with a top-notch developer, but a project manager and customer care specialist as well. In short: we’ve got your needs covered. All of them.

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