macOS development: from IBM to Intel

Challenges are our daily bread. We strive to cover as many development needs as possible and are continuously improving and broadening our skill set. Along with Windows and Linux projects, we’ve successfully completed a wide range of Mac OS jobs and migrated several Windows and iOS applications to the Apple Store. If you need Mac programmers, look no further! Among our Macintosh services, you’ll find:

  • Programming of Mac utilities and apps
  • Migration of existing iOS or Windows applications to Mac OS
  • Integration from previous Macintosh versions to current OS version
  • Testing under Mac Operating System

Technologies: Cocoa framework, Objective-C, OpenGL, Core Graphics, Core Foundation, Core Services, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Video, Quartz, Unity 3D

Contact us to discuss the details of your application — we’ll nourish and grow your idea from concept to reality.

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Featured projects

  • Mac OS video streaming application for musiciansStreaming musicians practicing efforts

    Musicians Mirror is a video‐based desktop application tool for musicians to stream their practicing efforts and make them more productive and focused on their artistic development.

    Technologies: Objective-C for Mac OS X, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, jQuery UI, Telerik Controls, MS SQL Server
  • Mac OS fitness application for tracking health and fitness statsFitness Coach

    This Mac OS app is intended for training info storage, tracking and visualization. While a wearable device, e.g. Garmin, gathers data on the user's physical activity while he is training, being plugged into a laptop or desktop computer, the device passes data to the Fitness Coach app, which visualises the workout route and displays its characteristics (e.g., speed and heart rate). A custom-built calendar allows to keep workout journal and edit it.

    Technologies: Cocoa framework, MapKit, CorePlot, CoreData, Boost, .fit sdk
  • Mac OS software for video streamingVideo playout application

    This playout desktop app is intended to manage video streaming on several different displays simultaneously via Mac or Windows-based computer. Intended for shops, restaurants, casinos and other merchants, it allows to create playlists, schedule videos, synchronize and play a single video on multiple screens, or cut the video frame on pieces to divide it to several displays.

    Technologies: Qt, Objective-C, Cocoa, QuickTime, Quartz, WebKit, Bonjour
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