Rich Internet Applications Development Done Right

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are web-based applications similar in nature to desktop applications, as the largest part of the apps’ business logic is implemented on the client-side. Some of the most common platforms for rich web applications include JavaScript, AJAX, and ASP.NET. These platforms can be used for a variety of traditional business functions, as well as “non-traditional” business functions like browser-based gaming and the most up-to-date single page applications.

Web-browsers have all built-in functions to implement user interfaces of RIAs, allowing users to benefit from these applications.

The develop a RIA you need a team of front-end and back-end developers, first building the HTML5 and JavaScript part, while the latter implementing the server-side.

HireRussians have considerable experience in creating and deploying applications via high-performance, intelligent, cross-platform software development using ASP.NET, Java Script and AJAX technologies. These technologies and tools are efficiently paired in terms of scale with the size and complexity of your project.

Technologies: AJAX, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript

Featured projects

  • Web-to-print automation solutionDigital printing business ERP

    This web-to-print enterprise solution, besides back office operations automation, allows users to draw or import a picture into our online design tool and then print it on a garment of their choice. The back office automation includes an order processing module (processing, passing orders to the POS-system, order status tracking), inventory management module, shipping and financial subsystems.

    Technologies: PHP, ImageMagick, Java, Tomcat, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, GDlib, cURL
  • Browser-based video editor

    A web-based video editor, allowing to make videos from texts. A user can type something manually or insert a link to generate a video from the text placed on the webpage. He can also choose effects to add, a voice to articulate the words and upload pictures and videos to be shown on the background. The tool is intended for marketing purposes.

    Technologies: PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Fabric.js, Immutable.js, jQuery, Material-UI, ReactJS, Redux
  • Educational social network

    Dexmo is an educational social networking site with wiki functionalities. It allows teachers and students to organize information in MindMaps, letting them build joint tree graphs for articles, comments and much more.

    Technologies: Flash, PHP, XHTML
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