Creating High-Quality User Interfaces

An easy, functional graphic user interface is a key ingredient for successful software. A well-designed graphic user interface frees users from having to navigate through all of your program’s great features, prevents users from making any irreversible changes, and increases your total sales.

To ensure efficient development of this software element, HireRussians works closely with its customers to gain a complete understanding of their mental models in order to make only those tools with which they are most familiar. Moreover, we offer advice to each client on how to implement the most appropriate solutions for their needs — solutions that could incorporate software GUI, software wireframes, PC application design, desktop application design and desktop software design, which are all fields in which HireRussians is well-versed.

Featured projects

  • .NET-based web-to-print system for online photobook creationMatisseo photo book creation

    Matisseo is a huge, reach-featured web-to-print solution, allowing users to create shareable photo albums that can be edited, paid for, submitted for print and tracked, all online. On the backend the system totally automates order processing and prepress.

    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, XHTML
  • Video editing app for iOS, Android and Windows MobileVideoshop mobile apps

    Top-rated video editor available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. It’s one of the most popular video editing apps with 4.5 overall rating based on almost 55,000 reviews on the AppStore. Powerful, yet easy to use, Videoshop provides every feature needed for creating high quality video content.

  • Online tool for employee scheduling and managing

    This Java-based SaaS solution for service businesses allows to create complex schedules, track conflicts and unassigned jobs, punch-in and punch-out by a telephone call and conduct detailed reporting. Employees can log in to view their jobs, download the schedule or print it out.

    Technologies: Spring Roo, Spring framework, AspectJ, SLF4J, Spring Tool Suite, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, MySQL, jquery.js, knockout.js, sammy.js, highcharts.js,
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