Why you should hire Russian programmers over “Taj” devs


Word of Mouth

Yes, “Taj” developers are ubiquitous. But from the point of view of an enterprise or start-up in need of professional development, that’s far from being ideal: because of the extreme competition within the market they’ve created, the urge to go as cheap as possible has severe downsides, including inaccurate estimates, scarce concern for a client’s success, amateur programming skills and failed milestones. At HireRussians, we take pride in what we do. Every project we receive starts from a carefully-written specification document created by our CTO department. Russian developers think outside the box, constantly improving their skills and using creativity to its full extent.

Your business, our commitment

Our IT development process doesn’t work like an assembly line. We believe that the key components of a successful outsourced development project are attention to the client, maximum integration of our development team into the customer’s business processes, and flexible interaction between both parties throughout the entire process. “User-centric” is our mantra, and we fully commit to an agile, iterative development environment that allows our remote team to work on prototyping until a client’s needs are met.


While we offer fair, competitive rates, we also believe in the motto “You get what you pay for. Professionalism doesn’t come free, but it doesn’t need to be expensive either. We don’t compete with “Taj” developers on pricing, because lowering our rates would harm the quality of the project. Rather, we focus on what really matters to the client: establishing a long-term business relationship based on trust, transparency, on-time delivery and top-notch output.

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