Java/J2EE Developers for hire

If you are looking for competent and expert Java developers, HireRussians offers you Java programmers for programming cross-platform scalable web, server and Java desktop applications. Besides regular development our Java developers reengineer any application on different language to Java. Outsourcing Java development to Russia offers you the best services, project cost reducing, the team of skilled full-time or part-time Java experts.

Java development team expertise:

Experienced Java developers
Python developers
Ruby developers
Scala developers
MySQL professionals
MS SQL specialist
Certified Oracle programmers
PostgreSQL professionals

Programming languages: Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript

Frameworks/platforms: ZK, Eclipse BIRT, Eclipse Framework for RCP and Plugins Development, uDig, JBoss BRMS, Drools, Struts 2, Spring, Tapestry, Mule ESB, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Thinkmap, SOAP services, XUI, Angular.js, React.js, Google Guice, Wicket, Google Application Engine, Play, Akka, Django, Ruby on Rails, Rack, Sinatra

Libraries: JDK 11+, JDBC, JavaCV, jsoup, JSP, jFreeChart, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, Jasper ETL

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Cassandra, Oracle, MongoDB

Featured projects

  • Connexiti

    Connexiti’s purpose is to collect financial information on myriad companies and illustrate how some companies are financially dependent on others; vital data which helps users predict how a given event can influence both companies’ stock price.

    Technologies: Java Platform, PHP, Postgres, Thinkmap
  • Kookeys

    In Kooland, a wonderful country founded on joy and friendship, children can grow a toy-character of their choice. It’s educational and fun!

    Technologies: Flash, Java Platform
  • Library of sound effects

    Sounddogs is a sound effects and production music library, allowing to search for, preview via a custom-built waveform player, select a piece or a full track and buy it online. On the back-end HireRussians team has implemented a highly automated audio uploader, so that the uploading process now requires minimum human participation.

    Technologies: Java EE, EJB, Apache Camel (Enterprise Message Bus), Spring, Struts, Mockito, Arquillian, Jboss, Hibernate, Selenium, Gson, Jetty, JSF, Knockout.js, Classic ASP, VBScript, MS SQL, VB6, ActiveX, PayPal API, Payware
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