Software Reengineering and Migration

Software reengineering allows you to effectively enhance or adjust your current software outlay so that it meets your current objectives. For example, you might want to migrate a platform, such as a database or a language, redesign it and update it to current standards. HireRussians knows how to reengineer legacy software for new needs and can assist your business in many ways, including:

  1. Evaluation of the original source code
  2. Restructuring the code, modernizing it and repairing potential violations
  3. Changing the functionality of the whole system or just a certain portion
  4. Testing the revamped software to verify that it fulfills your key business goals and technical requirements
  5. Refining and adjusting the reengineered software based on feedback received from the prototype

Moreover, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the new software is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with all relevant systems.

Featured projects

  • Library of sound effects

    Sounddogs is a sound effects and production music library, allowing to search for, preview via a custom-built waveform player, select a piece or a full track and buy it online. On the back-end HireRussians team has implemented a highly automated audio uploader, so that the uploading process now requires minimum human participation.

    Technologies: Java EE, EJB, Apache Camel (Enterprise Message Bus), Spring, Struts, Mockito, Arquillian, Jboss, Hibernate, Selenium, Gson, Jetty, JSF, Knockout.js, Classic ASP, VBScript, MS SQL, VB6, ActiveX, PayPal API, Payware
  • Web-to-print automation solutionDigital printing business ERP

    This web-to-print enterprise solution, besides back office operations automation, allows users to draw or import a picture into our online design tool and then print it on a garment of their choice. The back office automation includes an order processing module (processing, passing orders to the POS-system, order status tracking), inventory management module, shipping and financial subsystems.

    Technologies: PHP, ImageMagick, Java, Tomcat, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, GDlib, cURL
  • .NET-based web-to-print system for online photobook creationMatisseo photo book creation

    Matisseo is a huge, reach-featured web-to-print solution, allowing users to create shareable photo albums that can be edited, paid for, submitted for print and tracked, all online. On the backend the system totally automates order processing and prepress.

    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, XHTML
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