C, C++ and C# Programmers

Hire C++ developers whenever you want to develop desktop applications to work with external hardware, connect to the Internet, or process data, images and sounds. Our highly-qualified, experienced team is here to support all of your project objectives, be they big or small, and ensure that your company remains at the top of its game.

We use the latest C++ programming language for both high-level and low-level programming, including development operations with RAM, addresses and ports. Our products are multiplatform, meaning that they’re practically universal and thus compatible with multiple systems, including Windows, Unix and Mac. Since our goal is to make you look good, no aspiration is too lofty. Bring us your best and brightest concepts!

We design software for embedded systems with data analysis functionality, and all of our desktop applications are furnished with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making final product usage easy and convenient. Submit a request for proposal today and let’s work together to breathe life into your ideas!

Our development team’s expertise covers:

Windows development services
Apple professional development
Hire dedicated Linux developer
Hire Microsoft .Net coders
OpenGL developers
Hire Qt development resources
SQL Server developers
Wi-Fi programmers

Technologies: DirectX, GDI+, VoIP, Asterisk, ActiveX/COM/DCOM, Hardware and virtual drivers, Image recognition, Video/Audio processing (recoding, transcoding, broadcasting, etc.)
Programming languages: C/C++, .NET C++
Libraries: MFC, IAXclient, Qt, VLC, OpenCV
Frameworks: .NET Framework, Qt, DirectShow, Cocoa, Xamarin, Tizen
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite, MS Access, MS SQL
OS: Unix like systems (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), Windows, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, Android, iOS

Featured projects

  • Music manager and media server

    This is a multiplatform music management app, developed from scratch with the use of Qt technology. The app is rather sophisticated and in some extent similar to iTunes, with a built-in audio player. It allows users to create playlists, play tracks in order, or random, stream music to any device within the user's home network or play it directly on the PC. The app works on both, Windows and Mac.

    Technologies: C++, Qt, Platinum, FFmpeg, TagLib, MusicBrainz
  • Forex Trading Assistant

    The “Forex Trading Assistant” obtains prices, analyzes trends and provides trading recommendations. In “automatic mode”, the program executes trades for the user. Although the algorithms used in the software are based on complex mathematical models of price predictions and market behavior, the assistant is easy to use.

    Technologies: C++, C#, .NET Framework
  • Multimedia Home

    A multimedia home system with client-server architecture, “Multimedia Home” allows for playing audio and video discs by loading them into a media library that's stored on a server. The library can be accessed via any client computer or the server itself.

    Technologies: Linux, KDE, KDevelop, GNU compilers, QT, C++, QT-XML, QT-SQL; sound output: OSS; video output: SDL, XV, XVMC
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