Experienced Frontend Developers for Hire

Today online presence became a must have for any company out there and maintaining of it became more competitive than ever before. One of the best ways to step up your game in terms of online business is to provide seamless user-friendly interface for your customers. Hire our highly experienced developers to leverage the advantages of most up-to-date Frontend technologies. Get in touch to hear more details!

Our Frontend developers excel at the following technologies:

HTML developers
CSS developers
JavaScript developers
jQuery developers
node.js developers
Angular.js developers

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript

Mobile development: React Native

Frameworks: React (+Redux/Hooks), Angular, Vue.js

UI libraries: Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Tailwind

Canvas and SVG libraries: Three.js, Fabric.js, D3.js, Raphaël

Build systems: Webpack, Parcel, Rollup

CSS pre/post-processors: SCSS, LESS, PostCss, Stylus

Package manager: npm

Other libraries: jQuery

Featured projects

  • Browser-based video editor

    A web-based video editor, allowing to make videos from texts. A user can type something manually or insert a link to generate a video from the text placed on the webpage. He can also choose effects to add, a voice to articulate the words and upload pictures and videos to be shown on the background. The tool is intended for marketing purposes.

    Technologies: PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Fabric.js, Immutable.js, jQuery, Material-UI, ReactJS, Redux
  • SaaS video hosting

    This video hosting and sharing service is intended for both, uploading videos to show them on demand and streaming live events. A user can organize videos in channels, add advertisings and conduct analytical reports. The HTML5-based video player can be branded, and landing pages — be created under the user's or company’s domain name.

    Technologies: ASP.NET, Asterisk PBX (VoIP), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress
  • JavaScript plugin and Cordova-based mobile applications for audio file transcriptionVoiceBase speech to text

    This solution, based on a proprietary speech to text technology, allows to get machine-generated transcription and analytics of speeches, interviews, scripts, conferences, podcasts and webinars. Hirerussians team has developed several client-side solutions, including JavaScript-based plug-in integrated with JWplayer, which could adjust the player design, two mobile applications — for iOS and Android, a web app and an SDK for developers of 3rd party services. Users can search by keywords and by words in transcript, while the keywords and words are connected to timeline points.

    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, JWPlayer API, Youtube API, Cordova
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