Professional Unix and Linux software developers

When it comes to stability and security, Unix-based applications grant many appealing advantages. HireRussians excels at Unix/Linux development and can provide Unix-based systems developers for your project on a full-time or part-time basis. Our expertise includes:

  • Embedded systems
  • Oracle development
  • Ubuntu development
  • Open-source OS
  • Open-source integration and customization
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Cross-platform desktop development
  • Network security systems
  • Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Multimedia over IP
  • Custom audio and video streaming software for multi-video conferencing meetings
  • Distributed Network systems
  • Desktop applications (QT, GTK)
  • Server applications not requiring GUI
  • Remote administration
  • Black Box solutions
  • Voice over IP solutions (VoIP)

Our team strengths are manifold and cover the following areas:

Programming languages: C, C++, Bash, PERL, Regular expressions

Libraries: Qt, libxml2, curl, libmysqlclient

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Xapian, Berkley DB

OpenSource solutions: MythTV, Snort, and potentially everything

OS: Unix systems (Linux, FreBSD, Ubuntu, etc.), Mac OS X

For a detailed description of the Linux-based projects we’ve completed, download our Linux Development PDF brochure (424 Kb).

Featured projects

  • Broadcasting system for sporting events

    This solution, built in C++, allows unmanned network cameras management while capturing hockey events. For this purpose HireRussians have developed a proprietary movement recognition and prediction algorithm. The cameras, installed in different zones of the rink, are switched automatically, as the play tracking technology follows the action on the rink. The algorithm was also adapted for soccer and is offered by our client as a SaaS solution.

    Technologies: C++, Linux, Qt, OpenCV, VLC, Redis
  • IAX2 telephone with manager of internal and external phone lines (VoIP, POTS or ISDN)Voix Manager and Phone

    Voix Manager and Phone comes with an IAX2 phone and a self-configuring interface to manage internal and external phone lines (VoIP, POTS or ISDN). Voix Phone is a multiplatform IAX soft phone with a Voix Manager-derived engine.

    Technologies: C++, QT, IAX protocol, Asterisk manager interface, Unix, MacOS X
  • Linux-based operating system distributed under GPL) with preinstalled tools for creating live action audio/video digital assetsCustom Linux distribution for animators

    Animux is an open-source Linux-based OS with 50+ applications and 60 tools designed for animators. Perfect for creating live action audio/video digital assets, Animux effortlessly executes tasks like pre-production, production and post-production of graphics, audio and video.

    Technologies: C++, Bash
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