Expert Research

HireRussians is always ready to tackle product development projects requiring in-depth research and solid scientific knowledge. Our openness to doing the leg work is one of several things that sets us apart from other offshore providers!

All of our analysts possess excellent academic credentials (BS/MS or PhD in Math, Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming from leading Russian universities), and their extensive experience in developing advanced technologies guarantees a deep understanding of the issues you face.

HireRussians’ Software R&D cycle includes:

  • Business information analysis — this means suggesting proper technologies and programming languages and assembling the best possible team for flawless execution. Our skill set includes Emotion Recognition, Computer Vision applications, Mathematical Modeling, NLP and much more.
  • Documenting the chosen path while ensuring enough flexibility to address unforeseen workflow changes
  • Using transformative platform technology to build architectures
  • Software design and engineering according to your precise requirements

Get your problems solved by a professional with a background in exact science!

Featured projects

  • C++ software transmitting the data from the device to a serverTRI-LOGG

    TRI-LOGG’s Datalogger is the ideal solution for the monitoring and analysis of solar installations. The Datalogger measures every important parameter, such as irradiation, temperature, and output, and communicates its data to a server via ethernet or GPRS.

    Technologies: C++, uClinux, Unix
  • Broadcasting system for sporting events

    This solution, built in C++, allows unmanned network cameras management while capturing hockey events. For this purpose HireRussians have developed a proprietary movement recognition and prediction algorithm. The cameras, installed in different zones of the rink, are switched automatically, as the play tracking technology follows the action on the rink. The algorithm was also adapted for soccer and is offered by our client as a SaaS solution.

    Technologies: C++, Linux, Qt, OpenCV, VLC, Redis
  • VB.NET solution for risk managementRisk Management Software

    Risk Management Software, an application for corporate-level consulting and visual hotspot discovery, includes risk driver management, project management, survey management, several hotspot analysis tools with different graphs and diagrams, and visual workshops.

    Technologies: VB.NET, PHP/MySQL, Syncfusion Essential Studio
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