Custom CRM, ERP and other business solutions development designed for effective business process automation. We have everything your business needs.

The most effective, budget-friendly path to a successful business is automating its processes wherever possible. Institute web and offline CRM/ERP applications, remove paperwork from processes and watch how smoothly things run. HireRussians has deep experience in “de-paperizing”, and can help you perfect your business model and improve the timeliness and quality of your services, ensuring your business operates like a secure, extendable, well-oiled machine.

With automated systems, your applications will be:

  • Cheaper: Investing in business automation is cheaper than the cost of a slip-up due to human error in a non-automated business.
  • Faster: Automated business processes run much faster than those managed by human operators.
  • Re-engineered: Business automation software can be based on existing software that’s reengineered for new purposes. This solution is less costly and less time-consuming than developing new software from scratch, which typically requires large investments of both time and money.

Flexible solutions for production automation, warehouse automation and cloud-based business automation are well within HireRussians’ scope of expertise. From CRM developer to ERP developer and everything in-between, our personnel will get your business moving in the right direction.

Technologies: VTiger CRM, Alfresco, SharePoint and all necessary Web and Desktop Technologies

Featured projects

  • Online tool for employee scheduling and managing

    This Java-based SaaS solution for service businesses allows to create complex schedules, track conflicts and unassigned jobs, punch-in and punch-out by a telephone call and conduct detailed reporting. Employees can log in to view their jobs, download the schedule or print it out.

    Technologies: Spring Roo, Spring framework, AspectJ, SLF4J, Spring Tool Suite, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, MySQL, jquery.js, knockout.js, sammy.js, highcharts.js,
  • .NET-based system for job planning and managementMoneyPen automation system

    Powerful CRM along with digital pen provide capable management system for scheduling work, time-tracking, materials usage evaluation and invoicing, all while being on the go. Software developed by HireRussians recognizes handwritten work orders generated in the field thus reducing time, waste and automatically converting job cards into invoices. The system is targeted at service companies such as electricians or plumbers.

    Technologies: ASP.NET, Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls, The Report Sharp-Shooter™, C#, Asterisk, XHTML
  • Web-to-print automation solutionDigital printing business ERP

    This web-to-print enterprise solution, besides back office operations automation, allows users to draw or import a picture into our online design tool and then print it on a garment of their choice. The back office automation includes an order processing module (processing, passing orders to the POS-system, order status tracking), inventory management module, shipping and financial subsystems.

    Technologies: PHP, ImageMagick, Java, Tomcat, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, GDlib, cURL
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