Custom Offshore Software Development

Since its inception, HireRussians has been at the forefront of designing custom software applications for desktop PCs, back-office IT solutions and embedded systems. Over the last 15 years, we’ve honed our skills in order to provide some of the outsourcing market’s best programming services.

Every IT-related business can benefit from custom software and professionally-tuned hardware. Need assistance with installing or integrating an application into your existing infrastructure? Just say the word, and we’ll be there.

HireRussians supplies a full range of development and consulting services that will have your software working exactly how you want it to. Among other things, we:

Featured projects

  • C# desktop app that calculates and graphically displays the trajectory of a golf ballCompuGolf digital sports coach

    The solution constructs and visualizes personalized stitch figure models, which represent the best performance a concrete sportsman may show, considering his body parameters. It employs statistics to evaluate the maximum human body segment effort possible, resulting in representation of how the sportsman’s performance compares to the elite performance. The year after it was built, the application has helped to the athlete, who used the app while training, to win the Olympic gold and to hold a world record.

    Technologies: C++, C#, .NET Framework Cameras supported: AVT Marlin, PTGrey Flea2, AVT Stringray Adapters used for camera connection: FireRepeater 800™, Belkin FireWire 800 ExpressCard™
  • Mac OS fitness application for tracking health and fitness statsFitness Coach

    This Mac OS app is intended for training info storage, tracking and visualization. While a wearable device, e.g. Garmin, gathers data on the user's physical activity while he is training, being plugged into a laptop or desktop computer, the device passes data to the Fitness Coach app, which visualises the workout route and displays its characteristics (e.g., speed and heart rate). A custom-built calendar allows to keep workout journal and edit it.

    Technologies: Cocoa framework, MapKit, CorePlot, CoreData, Boost, .fit sdk
  • Mac OS video streaming application for musiciansStreaming musicians practicing efforts

    Musicians Mirror is a video‐based desktop application tool for musicians to stream their practicing efforts and make them more productive and focused on their artistic development.

    Technologies: Objective-C for Mac OS X, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, jQuery UI, Telerik Controls, MS SQL Server
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