Custom Offshore Software Development

Since its inception, HireRussians has been at the forefront of designing custom software applications for desktop PCs, back-office IT solutions and embedded systems. Over the last 21 years, we’ve honed our skills in order to provide some of the outsourcing market’s best programming services.

Every IT-related business can benefit from custom software and professionally-tuned hardware. Need assistance with installing or integrating an application into your existing infrastructure? Just say the word, and we’ll be there.

HireRussians supplies a full range of development and consulting services that will have your software working exactly how you want it to. Among other things, we:

Featured projects

  • Mac OS fitness application for tracking health and fitness statsFitness Coach

    This Mac OS app is intended for training info storage, tracking and visualization. While a wearable device, e.g. Garmin, gathers data on the user's physical activity while he is training, being plugged into a laptop or desktop computer, the device passes data to the Fitness Coach app, which visualises the workout route and displays its characteristics (e.g., speed and heart rate). A custom-built calendar allows to keep workout journal and edit it.

    Technologies: Cocoa framework, MapKit, CorePlot, CoreData, Boost, .fit sdk
  • Mac OS video streaming application for musiciansStreaming musicians practicing efforts

    Musicians Mirror is a video‐based desktop application tool for musicians to stream their practicing efforts and make them more productive and focused on their artistic development.

    Technologies: Objective-C for Mac OS X, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, jQuery UI, Telerik Controls, MS SQL Server
  • Mac OS software for video streamingVideo playout application

    This playout desktop app is intended to manage video streaming on several different displays simultaneously via Mac or Windows-based computer. Intended for shops, restaurants, casinos and other merchants, it allows to create playlists, schedule videos, synchronize and play a single video on multiple screens, or cut the video frame on pieces to divide it to several displays.

    Technologies: Qt, Objective-C, Cocoa, QuickTime, Quartz, WebKit, Bonjour
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