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Every company wants to reach its customers effectively and efficiently. One of the easiest and most affordable ways is to develop your very own iPhone application.

Whether you use your app to generate revenue via AppStore distribution or to organize your business and/or personal life, HireRussians’ talented team of Objective-C developers designs great apps for every Apple device.

We’ve developed 500+ applications for just about every iTunes app category imaginable. Our experience provides us with the tools and know-how to give your app a healthy dose of function and style, equating to a distinct competitive advantage. Our exceptional command of applied technology tools, our accurate planning and reporting, and our frequent deliverables all combine to meet (and in many cases, exceed) your objectives. HireRussians delivers fully-developed, high-quality applications with access to every Apple mobile platform, allowing you to reach more users and generate faster business growth.

Prior to hiring us, you may want to contact some of our recent customers and ask them about their experience with us. Please use the “Contact Us” form to request reference contact information. On the other hand, if you don’t require any reassurances and are ready to hit the ground running, please use the “Get a Free Quote” form to provide us with your specifications. We’ll respond asap with an estimate.

Our most popular Apple apps include

  • Geo-targeting and space-positioning apps that employ GPS and gyroscope modules
  • Multimedia applications with iPhone A/V features such as noise cancellation, HD video and photography
  • M-commerce applications with in-app purchase power and browser-based payment functionality
  • Facebook and/or Twitter integration for posting tweets, updating statuses, sharing photos, downloading music and much more
  • Medical applications for private care facilities and hospitals
  • Business applications for scheduling, time tracking and financial reporting, as well as intranet capabilities for in-house collaboration
  • Music applications utilizing internal speakers and multi-touch display
  • Entertainment apps such as puzzles, educational games, and Bluetooth/WiFi multiplayer games that leverage Apple’s Game Kit
  • M-Learning applications, including dictionaries, encyclopedias and custom-programmed MEMS accelerometers
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Languages: Objective-C, Objective-C++, C, C++, Swift

Frameworks: Native iOS Frameworks, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, FacebookSDK, Flurry, AdMob, AdWhirl, inMoby, iVengo, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAds, Dirak, OpenEars, Acapela SDK, Cocos 2D, Box2D, Chipmunk, Typhoon, JSONModel, CorePlot, GPUImage, MKStoreKit, Appirater, zXing, ZBar SDK, QR Encoder, Chillcat, SimulatorRemoteNotifications, FMDB, Objective-Zip, AWSS3, UserVoice, AWSRuntime

Game engines: Unity 3d, Marmalade, Cocos 2DX

Web services: Amazon S3, Apple Push Notification Services, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, VK.com, etc.

Database: SQLite, Realm

Remote databases: Parse.com

Tools: Xcode, iPhone simulator, Xcode static analyzer, Memory/Speed profiler, Wireshark, Network conditioner

Featured projects

  • Interactive history eLearning app

    The history of British monarchy from Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II in one stunning iPad application. In-depth biographical essays, interactive maps and illustrations make the app a must have for any history buff.

    Technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, MessageUI, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK
  • Fish identification guide app

    WhatFish is a handy fish species guide that any diver would love. High quality photos are complemented by in-depth descriptions and easy-to-use filters, allowing to search by color, shape, social behavior, pattern, etc. The species met along with your own photos and info about the dive: location, time, depth and other comments.

    Technologies: Objective-C, iOS SDK, UIKit, Foundation, MapKit, CoreLocation, Realm, AFNetworking
  • Top–rated fishing app

    Must-have application for fishing lovers provides top locations and suggestions on the best time to fish, along with comprehensive species guide, weather forecasts and tons of tips and tricks. Users are also able to create their own fishing portfolio with photos and information about their catches.

    Technologies: Objective-C, SQLite, PHP, Symfony, MySQL, OAuth, UIKit, Foundation, CoreLocation, CoreText, MapKit, Social, StoreKit, Twitter, AVFoundation, AdSupport, Google Maps Geocoding API, AppBoy, Facebook SDK, Google+ SDK, Flurry, TestFlight SDK
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