Sibers/HireRussians Refund Policy

1. Purpose and Definitions

Sibers/HireRussians (henceforth, the “Provider”) makes full and partial refunds available to its Customers according to the terms of this Refund Policy. “Customer” is defined as “a business or individual engaged with the Provider for software development services outlined in a Statement of Work or other contract accepted and signed by both the Provider and Customer”. The software development services provided by the Provider to the Customer are collectively known as the “Project”.

2. Grant of Refund

All refunds are subject to the following conditions:

  • Upfront payments are non-refundable unless the project is cancelled by the Provider during the resource allocation period.
  • A full or partial refund is possible during the Project if the Provider is unable to allocate the required resources.
  • No refunds are granted after acceptance of the Project or any of its part. Acceptance is subject to the Acceptance Procedure described in the Statement of Work and/or other contracts signed by both parties. In case no Acceptance Form is signed, any payments (escrow or non-escrow) shall signify that the Customer has accepted the results of the Provider’s work.
  • A project is not subject to a refund if any part of the project is discovered at any time to be no longer technically feasible.
  • In case of full or partial refund, the Customer shall return to the Provider and/or destroy on its side all materials, results, source codes, graphics and other Project-related documents. In such case, the Provider reserves the right to reuse the source code and graphics without notifying the Customer.
  • Due to the specifics of the services provided, every refund case is considered individually by the Provider’s CEO and Finance Director. Their decision is rendered based on the project’s status, prior communication, the Customer’s feedback and the amount of total payments.

3. Effective Date

This Refund Policy takes effect March 24, 2008.

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